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subtle art


subtle art

Scott Bahlmann

Dear M,

Seattle is artsy, and Fremont is uber artsy. There are so many well known pieces that there's an official walking tour for the neighborhood! I love that so much of the art has been rescued, including the Dino's shown above that live at the end of our street. But while Lenin, Rapunzel, and Waiting for the Interurban (among many others) are readily featured, here are some lesser known works of art within a half mile of our apartment. 

Art is so infusive that even drain covers are beautiful, though I seem to have photoed this one upside down. 

And electrical boxes! I could make a full gallery of the beautiful and whimsical electrical boxes in our neighborhood, but will just share this one, on the corner closest to us. 

The Troll under the bridge is arguably the most famous Fremont feature, but I'd never heard about the billy goats just down the street from it! 

This tile mural was my first 'Oh wow!' artwork that I stumbled upon, down a little side street, and it's the reason I decided to feature the 'hidden' art works in a blog post. 

And there is so much still waiting out there to discover! I came upon this one only just in time to include it in the post. The mosaic has such richness in it's glass tiles, and whimsy in it's recycled alien beings. 

My favorite piece, though, is this mural on the side of my fella's work building. A sprawling epic of wolf life done in simple line. Understated, sprawling, and beautiful. I could look at it for ages. 

A bit of detail from the wolf mural. Old wolf telling a story, someones bath time, and something happening at the rumbledown shack house (is pappa coming home? or little wolf selling shapes for a fundraiser?). 

Finally, the most prevalent artists. These guys are all over the place! This one was making a lovely new work just outside our stairwell window.