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...and go"


...and go"

Scott Bahlmann

Dear M, 

With the last day of work set for last Saturday, I'd figured to pick up the moving truck on Sunday, spend the day packing, and then head out early Monday morning. After chatting with  my fella' I decided to amend the schedule a smidge. The rental of the truck included four days, so I could pick it up on Friday and load it, then work on Saturday and make the drive Sunday. This would likely help me avoid the rush hour traffic which usually accompanies weekdays.

So, I called and changed the pick-up date early in the week, then trotted down to their location to get the truck on Friday. They were very welcoming, and brought up my reservation, only to find that the customer service representative I'd spoken with had only made a note about my change of dates, and not actually moved the reservation. They had lots of 10' trucks, but none that could go one-way. After offering to give me a larger truck at the same rate (I was really not interested, knowing I didn't have enough to fill the 10' even, and a bit nervous about handing the large size) they called around and found a location I could pick up from just two tracks stations away. 

After a slight adventure of taking the wrong train, I got to the new place, picked up my truck with no issues and headed home. It was surprisingly easy for me to manage, even more comfortable than the Ram my fella' and I had rented for our Mt. Shasta trip. I got it all loaded, excepting my mattress, in about three hours. Most of my stuff had been boxed up for months, just some kitchen stuff and clothing needed attention. Then I got to spend the evening with my best girl, going to dinner and hanging out. 

Saturday was pretty busy at work, fortunately for me. The time passed quickly, and soon I was at my farewell dinner with wonderful co-workers. I got to say some final goodbyes and get some lovely gifts, and it kept me well distracted so I wasn't just sitting at home gnawing on my nails. -.o

When I got back to the house I said my final farewell to my roommate/mother-in-law to be. Then to bed! I didn't set any special alarm, figuring that when I woke up, it'd be time to go. Turns out that time was around 2:00 am. I loaded the mattress, tied everything down, and was on my way before 3:00. The first stretch from SLC to Boise was probably the easiest. Something about the dark and empty road made the time fly by, it was meditative in a sense. I'd made a playlist of songs to sing along to, but ended up just enjoying my own company the entire trip. 

After fueling up in Idaho, there was a bit of traffic to contend with, but it cleared up quickly, and both the weather and roads were quite clear. There was a bit of an issue finding a gas station was in Yakima, but it got sorted after a leap of faith on my part. The final hour before Seattle was the busiest road time, guess there was a bit of rush hour on Sunday too! Being so close to my destination, I didn't mind going slowly to prolong the excitement of 'nearly there!'. 

And then I was in the city. An exit on the wrong street took me to visit downtown before heading into Fremont and seeing my fella' again at 3:00 pm. There was a bit of an adventure getting the truck situated so that people could get their cars out of the parking complex, but it all worked out and an hour later it was all unpacked and dropped off at the rental location. Then we got some amazing pizza and walked down to the canal to eat. 

I've spent the last couple of days sorting out boxes, and getting some fantastic accessories on shopping trips with my fella'. It feels so good, our space is so  nice with the furniture we've ordered together this past month (just waiting on the sofa now!). It's really all fallen very nicely into place. And I have a follow up interview this week for a job I'm quite keen on!  I reckon I'll chat more about that next time. =]