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passing time


passing time

Scott Bahlmann

Dear M, 

I'm in Seattle! And it's fantastic in so many ways. I love the climate, though it's been much less rainy than I'd expected. I love the neighborhood. I love the bike trail just down the street from our apartment, which ends at perhaps my favorite place in all of Seattle. I love our apartment, which we've decided to extend the lease on. It's only been a couple of weeks, and I already feel so invested here. So at home. 

I have had quite a bit of free time, only a portion of which has been devoted to the job hunt (you can't do it for 8 hours a day! Well, I suppose some people could). It's fortunate that I don't have a lot of pressure to find a job right away. With my fella' making enough to cover the apartment, I just have to sell the house and we'll be fine. Which I'm sure is going to happen in the next month or so, or I'll have gotten a job and be able to cover the mortgage a bit longer. Regardless, it feels so good to be here even without all the kinks quite cleared up yet. 

We've had a grand time putting the apartment together, with items gotten from online retailers, local vintage and consignment stores, and a few gifts and items that we're not ready to be let go of yet. It's really the first time that either of us have completely filled in a blank slate of a space, I'll do an entry next week showing how it's all come together. 

Otherwise, I've had some lovely walks and bike rides exploring the neighborhood. The zoo is about 30 minutes away by foot, and though I haven't yet gone in it's something I've bookmarked for a special outing. 20 minutes away by bike is the lovely Golden Gardens for oceanic rejuvenation (the above image is from my recent ride there), and that's also the same amount of time it takes to bike to the Seattle Center, the fringe of downtown.  I've put in some applications for businesses there, but am saving the biking adventure for the near future. 

Mostly I've been playing housewife, and I do rather enjoy it. I'm sure I'd go a bit mad after too long, but for now it's nice totting about the place doing some detail cleaning, and making dinners for my fella'. I thought I'd be reading loads, but I really haven't. There are a couple of books sitting about from the library, but I only do a few chapters a week. It's sort of amazed me how naturally I've been able to fill my time. 

Well, I've got to get dinner going, so check in next time to see the furnished place!