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Letter I Storytime


Storytime and other Library programs.

Let the wild rumpus start!

Letter I Storytime

Scott Bahlmann

Opening: Shake My Sillies Out – Raffi


Book: An Island Grows – Lola M Schaefer


(One of the boys said 'Islands don't grow!' when I introduced this book, education time! Lovely simple text and vibrant images. One of the kids announced about midway through 'It rhymes!'. A fun find indeed.)

Activity: Itsy Bitsy Spider - Traditional


(We sang the Itsy Bitsy spider, then I pulled out my emotion faces, and we sang it angrily, sadly, happily, nervously, and finally sleepily. The kids loved it.)

Book: Should I share my Ice Cream – Mo Willems


(Another big hit, when I asked if sharing his ice cream was a good idea, there was a big chorus of 'No!'. I think by the end they were convinced that sharing was a good thing.)

Activity: Ice Cream Cone
from the CD Buzz Buzz by Laurie Berkner


(For this song I introduced the sign language for Ice Cream, Chocolate, Vanilla, and Strawberry. Then told the kids that we'd Freeze, and melt like ice cream when the music stopped. I paused it before each new ice cream flavor, which was a good break to refresh the sign language. I threw in actions for the rest of the song as well, and we ended by melting. It was a hit!)

Book: Except If – Jim Averbeck


(I know a story was well received when at the end a kids says 'That was a funny story.' and this one earned that recognition!)

Activity: The Great Big Itch -
adapted from Rhino's Great Big Itch by Natalie Chivers


(I adapted this story for the puppets I had on hand, and it worked great.)

Elephant has a great big itch in his ear! It won't come out with shaking, or rolling. Bird says he just need some help, so elephant goes and asks fish (who is too slippery), turle (who is too slow) monkey (who is too silly) he doesn't even bother to ask crocodile. How will he get the itch to go away! Bird offers to help, but elephant doesn't see how a tiny bird can get rid of a great big itch. But bird does!


Book: Icky Sticky Monster – Jo Lodge


(I wasn't sure I'd get this book on time (it was checked out while I was planning the program) but it arrived the morning I needed it, and was a great finish! When the monster wants a kiss at the end, I asked who wanted to give him one. As expected there were no volunteers, so I suggested blowing a kiss, which they were all happy to do.)

Activity: Instruments


(Then we had free play with instruments!)