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Treasure Storytime


Storytime and other Library programs.

Let the wild rumpus start!

Treasure Storytime

Scott Bahlmann

(This ended up being one of the most fun programs I've done recently. That typically seems to be the case when I choose a more challenging topic.)

Opening: Shake My Sillies Out – Raffi


Book: Poggle and the Treasure – Michael Evans


(This felt just a tinsy bit wordy, the fun illustrations and suspense made up for it though.)

Flannel Board: What a Treasure  -
from the book by Hillenbrand


(The kids quite liked this, and one of the boys quipped, 'a friend is the best treasure!')

I used the flannel board characters from the Will Hillenbrand website Very cool!


Book: Once Upon a Tide – Tony Mitton

once upon a tide

(Have used this before, and it works great!)

Activity: Going on a Treasure Hunt -
adapted from the traditional 'Bear Hunt' format


(The echoing idea took a little while to catch on, the parents saved it! This was super fun. The map was drawn with marker on the back of a torn paper bag.)

We're going on a treasure hunt, (walk in place)
We're going to find a treasure! (peer with hand shading eyes)
In a great big chest (hold hands apart)
buried deep in the ground (mime shoveling).
Look on the map!

It's the ocean.
Can't go under it, can't go around it, can't go above it,
better paddle across it! (mime paddling with an oar.)'s tall island grass! (brush the grass aside with your arms.)'s coconut trees! (dodge the coconuts by jumping side to side.)'s quicksand! (lift knees high as you walk through it.)'s the X! Let's dig up the treasure. (mime shoveling.)

Wait, do you hear something? Aaarrr
It's scary pirates!!
Quick, run back through the quicksand, dodge the coconuts, swish through the grass, paddle to the

now point the cannon at the pirates, and light the fuse Ffffhhhhshh. Ka-boom!
...uh oh. I think we blew up the treasure too!


Book: The Treasure Bath – Dan Andreasen


(Stepping outside my comfort zone with a wordless book, and it worked fantastically! Lovely talking points, and the illustrations are fabulous.)

Flannel Board: Can You Find Treasure For Me?


(The kids were perhaps a bit too excited about what was in the chests. It might work more smoothly to have them all empty except for the treasure.)

Look and see, look and see
Can you find treasure for me?
Is it in the (red) chest?

(continue with other colors)


Book: Treasure – Suzanne Bloom

treasure bloom

(I sort of wish this were a bit more complex, the minimal texts makes room for the fun illustrations though!)

Craft: Treasure Chests


(Then we drew our own treasures to 'lock' in our treasure chests. Design copied onto card stock and fastened with brads.)