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Letter H Storytime


Storytime and other Library programs.

Let the wild rumpus start!

Letter H Storytime

Scott Bahlmann

Opening: Shake My Sillies Out – Raffi


Book: Hiccupopotamus – Aaron Zenz


(Such fun illustrations, and playful words.)

Activity: 1 Hippo in the Bathtub


(We count up the hippos, and then at the end identify all their colors. Not the most fantastic thing, but it works pretty well.)

One Hippo in the bathtub going for a swim
Knock, knock (clap hands)
Splash, splash, (slap knees)
Come on in!

(count up with additional hippos)


Book: Honey, Honey …Lion! – Jan Brett /
Hattie and the Fox - Mem Fox


(Honey...honey...lion! didn't quite hold their attention. Maybe it was just a restless group, cuz it's a pretty great book.)

hattie and the fox

(When I swapped it for Hattie and the Fox things seemed to move more smoothly. Hattie is a lot of fun, especially the cow's Mooo at the end.)

Activity: Hokey Pokey - from the CD Songs For Wiggleworms


(I was having a toss up between this and the Hula from my Hawaii storytime. I decided to stick with something more familiar to the kids this time.) 

Book: Which Hat is That? – Anna Grossnickle Hines

which hat

(The fun guessing element in this one kept the kids well engaged. Nice pics too!)

Activity: Under My Sombrero
adapted from Bajo mi sombrero by Anne E. Schraff


(This just tickles the kids to no end! I asked if the kids knew what you call a hat from Mexico, then introduced the big sombrero. Do you think there's room for the dog to join?)

It was a hot day, muy caliente, when I went out for a walk. I wore my big sombrero, it cast lots of cool shade.

As I walked along, I met a bird. It saw my big sombrero and the cool shade and asked to share my sombrero. “Puedo, Por Favor?” it asked, “Can I please?” It is a very big sombrero, so I shared it with the bird.

Then I met a mouse as I walked along, and the mouse saw my big sombrero and all the cool shade it cast. The mouse asked if it could share the sombrero, “Puedo, Por Favor?”  It’s a very big sombrero, so I shared with the mouse.

As I walked in the hot sun I met a cat. The cat saw my big sombrero and the cool shade it cast. It asked to share my sombrero, “Puedo, Por Favor?” I still had room so I shared my sombrero with the cat.

A little further down the road I met a frog who was sitting in the hot sun. It saw the shade from my large sombrero, and it asked to share, “Puedo, Por Favor?” There was still some room in my sombrero, so I shared with the frog.

My hat was a little bit heavy as I walked further down the road in the hot sun. But my sombrero kept me cool. I met a pig who saw my sombrero, and asked if it could share “Puedo, Por Favor?” There wasn’t much room, but I didn’t want to be rude, so I said it could share.

My sombrero was full now, but as I walked further down the road I met a dog. The dog saw the cool shade from my sombrero and asked if it could share, “Puedo, Por Favor?” My hat was full, but the dog was muy caliente, very hot, out in the sun…so I said it could share.

It was very full under my sombrero; it wasn’t big enough for so many! I told all the animals, “Get out, there is no room! Everybody go away!” Out came the dog and the pig. out jumped the frog. Out scurried the cat and the mouse, and out flew the bird. Now it’s just me under my big sombrero, and it fits just right!


Book: Are you a horse? – Andy Rash


(Fantastic fun book, great pictures and a fun surprise ending.)

Activity: Happy + Bubbles


Is it time to be serious? No, no no.
Is it time to be happy? Yes, lets go!


(You know something that makes me happy? Bubbles! )