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Hawaii Storytime


Storytime and other Library programs.

Let the wild rumpus start!

Hawaii Storytime

Scott Bahlmann

Put together for the One World Many Stories summer reading program.

Opening: Shake Your Sillies Out – Raffi


Book: Surf Wars – Margaret Read MacDonald


(This book lives in our non-fic section, and is a great simple story with lots of sound effect opportunities.)

Activity: Ocean Motion


Jiggle like a jellyfish.
Creep like a sea snail.
Soar like a seagull.
Wiggle like an eel.
Float like a sea otter.
Bark like a seal.
Walk forward.
Walk backwards.
Walk sideways like a crab.
That’s the motion in the deep blue ocean.

(Acting like different ocean animals.)

Book: Grandma Calls Me Beautiful – Barbara M. Joosse


(I clipped some pages from this book, it's sweet and has lovely images but ran a little long.)

Activity: Hula Dance (Pearly Shells)
(follow the link for the dance moves!)


(I love being able to incorporate dance! We practiced the easy to follow moves, talking about what the actions were, before dancing to the music.)

Book: Pig Kahuna – Jennifer Sattler


(Such a cute story.)

Flannel Board: Mrs. Armitage and the Big Wave
apated from the book by Quentin Blake


(I try to make the flannelboard of a story look as close to the original illustrations as possible. Quentin's style was fun to do! This shows the beginning and the end, add-on tales translate to flannelboard quite easily.)


Mrs. Armitage and her dog Breakspear went to the beach one day.

“What we have to do, Breakspear,” Said Mrs. Armitage, “is to swim out to sea and wait for the Big Wave.”

But while they were waiting Mrs. Armitage could see that Breakspear’s little legs were getting tired.

“What we need here,” said Mrs. Armitage, “is something to keep a faithful dog afloat.” So she got an inflatable desert island and they went on waiting for the Big Wave.

Then she adds an umbrella, a selection of snacks, a magaphone and horn, a sturdy boat hook and finally the big wave comes! But little Miranda needs some help, and Mrs. Armitage has everything she needs for a rescue. 


Book: Pig Boy – Gerald McDermott


(I love everything McDermott! Such vibrant colors.)

Activity: Parachute Volcano


(I had some brown balloons for lava rocks that we put on the parachute. Then we rumbled with little shakes, gradually got bigger, and exploded with fast up and downs, tossing the balloons everywhere!)