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Love Storytime


Storytime and other Library programs.

Let the wild rumpus start!

Love Storytime

Scott Bahlmann

Opening: Shake My Sillies Out – Raffi


Book: If You’ll Be My Valentine – Cynthia Rylant


(A fun book about a boy who writes valentines to lots of different friends. The kids had fun guessing who would receive each valentine.)

Puppets: Never too Little to Love - from the book by Jeanne Willis


(Little mouse wants a kiss from someone way up high! His tower looks pretty precarious, doesn't it? A fun simple story.)

Book: Kitty's Cuddles – Jane Cabrera

kitty's cuddles

(Fun bright pictures and a simple story make this a sure win.)

Activity: In the Valentine Forest


(ala 'In the Dark Dark Forest' this valentines forest holds a castle, with a room, with a dresser, with a box ...all valentine of course, and in the box is a Kiss! ...or a frog, or chocolates, depending on which page I flip to. We do the progression three time. The kids proclaimed it a magic box!)

Book: Waking Beauty – Jane Yolen


(A bit wordy, but fun enough that it still holds the kids attention. Great as a two-person read.)

Activity: A Circle is not a Valentine
from the book by H. Werner Zimmermann


(The kids had so much fun with this. They were pretty good at describing the shape of a heart... it has two blumpitys on top, of course!)

Book: Love Monster – Rachel Bright


(Really fun pictures, and a cute story.  I did skip a few pages that were a bit two visually complex for storytime, and the kids really liked it.)

Activity: Valentines Craft


(Then everyone got to make valentines of their own to give away.)