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Dig Into Reading kick-off event


Storytime and other Library programs.

Let the wild rumpus start!

Dig Into Reading kick-off event

Scott Bahlmann


Yesterday we had our summer reading kick-off, and these are all the activities we had for it!

Dino Feet:


(Some life size dino prints cut out of cardboard led the way to the sign-up table. One little boy liked following the 'monster feed' back and forth.)

Pirate Plunder:


(We typically give each child that signs up a book to keep, and this year they could also choose a prize from the 'treasure chest' which was filled with leftover prizes from past years. )

Ant Tunnel:


(We had security gates delivered a few months ago, and the boxes worked just fine for our Ant Tunnel.)




(This was maybe my favorite thing. I suspended our parachute from the ceiling, and hid ballons inside as 'lava'. It was a fun play space.)


Pin the Pail:


(A variation of pin the tail on the donkey, using a digger! With caution tape as the blindfold.)

Dino Puzzles:


(Simple but fun, dino skeletons cut from cardboard for the young archaeologists to assemble.)

Flower Memory:


(A memory game with flowers on our flannel board.)

Fossil Rubbings:


(I created templates by tracing images in elmers glue on transparencies which had been cut into fourths. This was the most impressing thing for the parents.)


Wiggle Worms: (from Prekinders)


(The clothespins were bird 'beaks' and they got to pick up the pipe cleaner worms, then take them back to the matching color of bowls.)

2013-05-31_17-36-44_157 (1)

And that was our Summer Reading Kick-off! About 150 kids throughout the day.