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Letter D Storytime


Storytime and other Library programs.

Let the wild rumpus start!

Letter D Storytime

Scott Bahlmann

(I started off by introducing the letter, and then asked the kids for some words that started with D. After some examples I showed a list of D words that would appear in our storytime: Duck, Doll, Dance, Dog, Dragon, Dinosaur.)

Opening: Shake My Sillies Out – Raffi


Book: Do Like a Duck Does – Judy Hindley


(I've used this a number of times, and it's always a big hit!)

Flannel Board: Five Little Dolls


(I really wanted to do this rhyme, and perhaps I will for Thursday's group, if I can find my matryoshka dolls! Instead I did the variation of 'One Little Elephant' that I used for Circus Storytime with my clown figures, and just said Doll in place of Clown.)

One little doll sat way up high
She fell off and began to cry.
She hit the ground and her side went ‘Crack
Another doll came to help her back.
Two little dolls sat way up high,
One fell off and began to cry…


(last verse)

Five little dolls sat way up high,
Now they never fell off and never did cry
How many dolls were up so high?
One two three, four and five.


Book: Hilda Must Be Dancing – Karma Wilson


(I lovely bright book with a very satisfying ending. It felt just a tinsy bit long today.)

Activity: Silly Dance Contest -
From the CD The Sneezing Song... by Jim Gill


(A great guided dance song, and the kids were ready to get some energy out!)

Book: Paper Bag Princess (dragon)– Robert Munch

The Paper Bag Princess

(This was a big hit! I worried a little about the length after Hilda, needlessly.)

Flannel Board: Where oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone?


(Oh, this was a good time! I had trouble hiding the puppy discreetly, so the kids had to close their eyes while I put the pieces up. We did it three times, singing after each hiding with the kids choosing which item to look under, and they still wanted more! Good thing I had dinosaurs coming) -.o

Oh where, oh where has my little dog gone
Oh where, oh where can he be
With his ears cut short and his tail cut long
Oh where, oh where can he be?


Book: How Do Dinosaurs Say Good Night? - Jane Yolen


(This series is fantastic, the text and illustrations are perfectly matched. Kids love them!)

Activity: Streamers


(Then the kids got to dance some more, but with streamers. One of the best receptions I've had in a while.)