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Bugs Storytime


Storytime and other Library programs.

Let the wild rumpus start!

Bugs Storytime

Scott Bahlmann

Opening: Shake My Sillies Out – Raffi


Book: I Love Bugs – Emma Dodd


(The kids quite like this, especially the spider at the end!)

Poem: Flea known as Ralph


(I made this for Unloved Animals storytime, and am so glad to use it again. The crowd loves it, and we do it twice so the kids can help me remember which animal comes next.)


Book: Old Black Fly – Jim Aylesworth


(Such a fun alphabet book, with such gross pictures and a great ending. Fantastic! )

Song/Activity: A Fly Is On My Nose


A Fly is on my nose,
a fly is on my nose.
Hi-ho, just watch me blow
the fly right off my nose!

(Then we buzzed our finger around until it landed on another body part, and continued the song. We did nose, eye, ear, knee, toe, tummy, and then clapped to catch the fly. It's nice to get suggestions from the kids on where the fly should land next!)

Book: Sleepyhead Bear – Lisa Peters


(This was a last minute addition, and it worked out very well. )

Flannel Board: The Very Hungry Caterpillar 
(from the book by Eric Carle)


(I wasn't sure I could work out this flannel board set, but just kept trying until it happened! [glued the eyes on the caterpillar the morning of the program!] The caterpillar starts small, and keeps eating the items until it's fat. Then I swap for a brown rolled up felt [the chrysalis], that flips around to be the butterfly's body. The group seemed quite impressed, I'm glad it payed off!)

Book: Can You Make a Scary Face? – Jan Thomas


(Such a fun interactive book. When the frog was about to show up, one boy call out 'But that's a bug!' about the narrator.)

Activity: Streamers


(Had music play while the kids danced with streamers, all in all, a fun time for everyone!)