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Away We Go Storytime


Storytime and other Library programs.

Let the wild rumpus start!

Away We Go Storytime

Scott Bahlmann

Opening: Shake My Sillies Out - Raffi


Book: Jonathan and the Big Blue Boat – Philip C Stead

Storytime today is all about things that can take us places, what are some thing you can think of that go? (One little boy had a toy boat, it tied in perfectly with the first story!) Those are some great things, and we'll have songs and activities about all of them! Out first story is about a boat. A big blue boat.


(I adore this book, even though it's too wordy for storytime. I shortened a lot of the text, and skipped a couple of pages. I think it's one the grown ups appreciated more. )

Flannel Board: Freight Train – Donald Crews

Do you remember what color the Big Boat was? Blue! Lets see if you can help me name the colors on this freight train from the story by Donald Crews. (I put up the parts 'what color is the caboose?' and the kids shouted out the colors.) Now we have all of the train! What noise does it make? 'Chugga Chugga...' Good job. Oh look! The train is moving! Keep making the train noise (I then told the rest of the story, scrolling the background behind the train).


Here is the train, moving.
Moving through mountains.
Moving past cities.
Moving over tressels.
Going in darkness
Going in daylight.
Going, going...slowing, slowing...stopped.

Book: Sakes Alive!  A Cattle Drive by Karma Wilson

You did such a good job driving that train! Do you think cows would be good drivers? Let's find out in this book!


(A fun story, nice illustrations. My kids started to lose interest though, might try to shorten it some.)

Activity: Green Means Go

Did those cows follow good driving rules? No!, lets see if you know how to!When you see a traffic light, what does Green mean? (hold up green circle). Go!, good job. What does Yellow mean? (hold up yellow circle) Slow!, that's right! And what does Red mean? (hold up red circle) Stop! You're so good! Now lets see if you can follow the rules.


(The kids had a lot of fun with this!)

(Hold up colored circles to command the actions).

Let's run in place,
Go fast with green.
Slow with Yellow
Stop with Red.

Repeat and continue with other actions,
jumping, spinning, and end with sitting.


Book: Moon Plane by Peter McCarty

Good job! Now we're going to have a story about an airplane. Have you ridden on an airplane? The little boy in this story hasn't but he's going to pretend to, and then the airplane can go anywhere he'd like!


(A simple book with rich illustrations. The kids were really into it.)

Song: Drivin’ In My Car
from the CD Ralph's World by Ralph Covert

Now lets go driving in our own cars! How do you hold the steering wheel? Good job! remember to follow the traffic signals. (I held up the red circle from the earlier activity at each 'Red Light').


(Such a fun song! I even had a parent come up afterwards to ask what CD it was from)

Book: Dinos On the Go – Karma Wilson

Isn't driving fun! Look who's going to be driving in this next book, Dinosaurs!


(I think the kids were a little antsy today in general. They were pretty engaged, but restless as well.)


The different things the dinosaurs rode made different noises, and now you can make some noises with instruments.


(played Rocketship Run from the CD Rocketship Run by the Laurie Berkner Band under the instruments)