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Silly Stories Storytime


Storytime and other Library programs.

Let the wild rumpus start!

Silly Stories Storytime

Scott Bahlmann

Opening: Shake My Sillies Out – Raffi


Book: King Bidgood’s in the Bathtub – Audrey Wood


(Well received, it's got some pretty stunning illustrations.)

Poem: I’ve Turned into a Carrot - Jack Prelutsky


I’ve turned into a carrot, it’s baffling and strange.
Somehow while I was sleeping, I underwent a change.
Last night I was a human, with head and hands and feet,
This morning I’m a vegetable I’ve rarely cared to eat.
I look into the mirror, and see I’m long and lean.
I have an orange body, my hair is leafy green.
A further complication compounds my current woe,
A rabbit is approaching… So long!  I’ve got to go.

(I made a carrot puppet to recite this poem. It wasn't a hit, but it wasn't a complete flop either. I had a rabbit puppet that chased away the carrot at the end.)


Book: Oh Daddy! – Bob Shea


(This was popular, Shea has such great illustrations!) 

Activity: Silly Willy
from the CD Dr. Jean sings silly songs by Dr. Jean


(My first group wasn't very eager to play along...I feel like the format of the song was a little strange, sometimes adding everything together, sometimes just moving to the next body part. The second group liked it better...maybe it's just that I wasn't a fan!)

Book: Easy to See Why – Fred Gwyne


(this didn't work with either group. It's a pretty simple story, but the humor comes from the illustrations. Some of the parents got it, but I think it went over the kids heads, even when we talked about the pictures.)

Poem: I’m Being Eaten by a Boa Constrictor -
by Shel Silverstein


Oh, I'm being eaten by a boa constrictor,
A boa constrictor, a boa constrictor,
I'm being eaten by a boa constrictor,
And I don't like it--one bit.
Well, what do you know? It's nibblin' my toe.
Oh, gee, It's up to my knee.
Oh my, It's up to my thigh.
Oh, fiddle, It's up to my middle.
Oh, heck, It's up to my neck.
Oh, dread, It's upmmmmmmmmmmffffffffff . .

(Super popular, converted a sleeping bag into a Boa Constrictor with eyes and fangs [inspired by our great Liesl Johnson]. It eats you as you recite the poem. My first group had one kid who said 'Eat me!' and it was a small enough group that each of the kids got a turn being eaten by the 'Boa Constrictor'...or just running from it)

Book: Catalina Magdalena Hoopensteiner Wallendiner Hogan Logan Bogan Was Her Name  – Tedd Arnold


(This was engaging at the beginning, but it maybe ran too long. Interest was lost along the way.)

Activity: Silly Dance Contest -
from the CD Jim Gill sings The sneezing song and other contagious tunes by Jim Gills


(This was popular, once the kids got into it...they were a little slow to warm up but it's still a great song. Maybe it was a laxidasical week in general.)