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Cookie Storytime


Storytime and other Library programs.

Let the wild rumpus start!

Cookie Storytime

Scott Bahlmann

Opening: Shake My Sillies Out – Raffi


Book: The Cow Loves Cookies – Karma Wilson


(Fun pictures, and a nice repetition makes this a great storytime book.)

Song: 5 Yummy Cookies


5 yummy cookies all chocolate chip,
Were sitting in the cookie jar
When the table tipped.
The cookie jar tumbled,
One cookie crumbled,
How many cookies were left?

(had cookies for the flannel board)


Book: The Best Mouse Cookie – Laura Numeroff


(A cute story with a familiar protagonist.)

Puppets: Sam’s Cookie
from the book by Barbro  Lindgren


(This book easily converted to a puppet script, it was a little tricky switching between the Dog and Mommie though)

Narrator: Look, here comes Sam! Sam has a Cookie. Sam Likes his Cookie.
Sam: Good, good cookie.
Narrator: Here comes Doggie. Doggie wants Sam’s cookie. Doggie takes Sam’s cookie. Sam is Angry.
Sam: Dumb doggie.
Narrator: Doggie is angry.
Doggie: Grrr
Narrator: Sam is scared. Sam cries. Mommy comes.
Mommy: No, no. Don’t take Sam’s cookie.
Narrator: Sam gets another cookie.

Book: Who Ate All the Cookie Dough? – Karen Beaumont


(Cute story that's good to engage the kids.)

Activity: Making Cookies


First we take the butter and we cream it, we cream it
(twist fist in palm)

Then we add the sugar and we blend it, we blend it
(open and close fingers, like mushing something up)
Then we pour in the milk and we stir it, we stir it.
(stirring motion)

Then we take the dough and we roll it, we roll it.
(rolling motion)
Then we take the cutter and we cut it, we cut it.
(twisting hand)
Then we bake it in the oven and we smell it, we smell it.
Then we set it on the rack and we cool it, we cool it.
(Wave hand)
Then we pop it in our mouth we eat it, we eat it!
(mime eating cookie.)

(a pantomime activity)


Book: May I Please Have a Cookie? – Jennifer E. Morris


(Teaches manners, but also creativity and resourcefulness!)

Activity: Decorate cookies


(This storytime was for our annual Gingerbread Jamboree, so we end it with decorating pre-purchased gingerbread men!)