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Pirate Storytime


Storytime and other Library programs.

Let the wild rumpus start!

Pirate Storytime

Scott Bahlmann

Opening: Shake My Sillies Out – Raffi


Book: Bubble Bath Pirates – Jarrett J. Krosoczka


(Pretty cute, and nice pirate story without being about actual pirates.)

Activity: One-eyed Jake


(A short yet challenging activity.)

I’m One-Eyed Jake, the pirate chief
(cover one eye with hand as if covering eye with a patch)

A terrible, fearsome ocean thief I have a peg upon my leg
(Stand on one leg)

I have a hook and a dirty look
(One arm in the air, curving hand into a hook shape—make exaggerated mean face)
I’m One-Eyed Jake, the pirate chief A terrible, fearsome ocean thief.

(This is a fun one to use cumulatively. Add action after action, until the child is standing balanced on one leg, an eye covered, arm in a hook.)

Book: Once Upon a Tide – Tony Mitton


(This isn't my favorite thing, but it's still pretty good.)

Song: P-O-L-L-Y (see at end)


There was a pirate, had a bird, and Polly was her name, O.
P-O-L-L-Y, P-O-L-L-Y, P-O-L-L-Y and Polly was her name, O.
There was a pirate, had a bird, and Polly was her name, O.
Squawk! -O-L-L-Y,  Squawk! -O-L-L-Y,  Squawk! -O-L-L-Y and Polly was her name, O.

(continue with the next letter being replaces with a squawk each verse.)

(A simple variant of B-I-N-G-O, I had a parrot puppet to help with the Squawks.)

Book: Tough Boris – Diane fox


(Slightly wordy, but a really sweet story that shows even tough pirates can be sensitive.)


Song: The Pirate Song
from the CD H.U.M. All Year Long by Carole Peterson

(Great simple actions, and includes rhymes and counting.)

Book: Pirate Piggy Wiggy – Diane Fox


(Great large bright images, and simple text.)


Activity: Walk the plank

(I set a shelf board at the front of the storytime area, and the kids walked the 'plank' into a stream of bubbles from our bubble machine. Kids loved it!)