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spring celebration


spring celebration

Scott Bahlmann

Dear M,

In spring I celebrate the attributes of my water totems, Alika and Mariasha. It’s an interesting pairing as Alika is the most masculine and adventurous, and Mariasha the most pampered and feminine (the best thing I can ascribe to her is a sensual pregnancy).

Alika manifests as a bull shark with the element of active water. I use that as the primary component for this worship. Living near the ocean this year provided a great opportunity to be more connected to the shark aspect than I could be before, but not knowing quite what the swimming rules are I didn’t follow through with that. It’ll be an adventure for next year!

Last year was a very nice model for Alika worship, so I’ll tell you about that. I went on a bit of a hike to a secluded waterfall. It was quite cold, we had to trek over a bed of compacted snow to get there. A narrow band of stone surrounded the small pool at the base of the falls. We sat there a moment and I pulled out the wine I’d brought. It served as a symbol of courage, being red ...the color of Alika, and reminiscent of blood/battle. Drinking it also worked as a bit of a placebo to warm me for the true purpose of the journey.

I undressed, and stepped into the pool of water, working my way among the stones to the cascade and submerged myself. There is a sort of primordial shock from the cold water that is very appropriate. The numbing of the mind in a sense. Once it passed I hurried back to the relative dryness of the stones and toweled off. The physical exertion of the hike, being in nature, and the active water made this the most ideal celebration for Alika so far.

For Mariasha I’ve had a few very successful celebrations. Her portion is focused on pampering. She is my astral guide, representing spirituality and calm waters. In my own practice she has come to represent the Ego, putting ones self and desires foremost. Usually this includes an aspect of bathing. In past years I've done a sensory experience with my fella’, shaved my legs (not something I care to try again) and most recently used a float tank. I’ve just realized that there ought to be a fancy dinner involved, fine tastes are very appropriate for Mariasha, who manifests as a Hippopotamus. This animal attribute also fits very nicely with the float tank, as the shape resembles the mouth of a hippo, and being inside is rather womb-like, matching the fertility aspect of Mariasha.


All in all this year was a bit disjointed, having just moved to a new place, but the key aspects were touched on and I’m excited for next year!