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the opportunity


the opportunity

Scott Bahlmann

Dear M,

I've been keeping my peepers open in regards to potential job opportunities. When I was getting ready to move from Cedar City, there were quite a few people who thought it wasn't a good time, due to the economy. I went for it anyway, leaving two jobs that I really enjoyed, though my move was bolstered a bit by a temp position a friend had shared info about. 

This time, I'm seeing what options there are as much in advance and I can! I've found a few companies that I think would be good to work with, and just keep checking their current openings pages. Among them are Expedia, The Seattle Public Library (I'd probably have to be at a lower level than I am now though), and the Seattle Children's Theatre. I've just submitted an application! 

The Children's Theater has an opening for an Education Administrative Manager, it sounds like they wrangle school interactions. I was a bit surprised at how well I fit the qualifications, even to the ticketing software, which I used at the Symphony | Opera job I had. So now I'm thinking about what it would mean to move rather sooner than I expected. I think it would be smarter of me to hurry things along here for a great position, than to let it drift by and wait to see what might be available down the line. There are some complications though. 

First, I'd want to make sure I didn't leave anything at my current job in a lurch. I'm planning a Halloween program, which I really don't think would be fair to shunt off on anyone, so I think early November would be the soonest I could move. In addition to that, my roomies would be a bit put out. They've been planning on a March move date, and it would add some stress changing that timeline. And then, depending on my fella's work situation, we might be apart for longer than we had initally thought till he could join me. And probably the trickest thing, though maybe not, would be selling the house pretty quickly. It doesn't seem very practical to pay rent in Seattle as well as a mortgage here. =P

Of course, it all depends on if I get an offer that I like, but I think it could all be handled. We'll have to see if I hear anything back!