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we begin


we begin

Scott Bahlmann

Dear M, 

I'm just a bit nervous about this transition, but far more excited. I suppose I should make sure you know just what I'm referring to. I'm moving out of Utah. I tried once before, a stint in California that had me on an early flight back the next morning, but that's another story from quite a while ago.

This time I'm a bit older, and certainly wiser least I think so. From an outside perspective it might not seem like it. I have a nice house that I'll have to sell, a recent promotion at a fantastic job that suites so many of my interests, and some very good friends. So what does my destination hold that could lure me away? It isn't so much that as the things I don't like about where I am. The con's have outweighed the pro's. 

To begin with the smaller of the concerns, I don't think the desert suits me. Maybe it's my Dutch heritage, but I suffer from frequent nose bleeds, and often have peeling fingers. I think a more humid climate would help with this, something near the ocean. Maybe the elevation contributes as well. Also, Salt Lake has terrible seasonal pollution. I know this will happen in any city, but probably less if there aren't mountains on all sides keeping it trapped in. 

And the larger issue, I'm quite tired of the Mormon politics in this state. Salt Lake itself isn't so bad, but the lawmakers don't come from just Salt Lake. I started thinking seriously about this move when I discovered that I would be committing a felony if I joined a 'wine of the month' club. It's a bit insulting that I'm not trusted to purchase alcohol on my own. But the bigger issue is the way my relationship is under attack. I know that I'd eventually be able to marry the fella' I love in my home state, but the antagonism that has come with it has shown the opinions I'm dealing with at large. I'd rather live in a place where my relationship is respected, valued even.

Have you guessed where I'm planning to move? It was one of the first three states to have voter supported marriage equality, and it isn't California (not that my past experience has spoiled it, just not the right answer). I'm moving to Seattle! This was actually my plan five years ago, but I found a temporary position in Salt Lake, which was a less intimidating place, so I chickened out and settled. Not that there hasn't been some great stuff here, it just isn't the right fit for me. I'm heading out to visit Seattle for the first time in about a month ...I guess I should make sure I don't hate it before fully committing. From what I've heard, though, it'll be great. 

I'll let you know what I think, and maybe give some details about the journey as well!