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my spirituality


my spirituality

Scott Bahlmann

Dear M, 

Sometimes it seems as though those who find their own spiritual path are considered less spiritual than those than conform to an established religion. I have had a fantastic spiritual journey, and absolutely love my connection with the divine, though my progress may have been unconventional. 

Consider a litter of pups. They all initially receive nourishment from their mothers milk. They need this easy access, as they are too weak to feed themselves.  As they grow, though, what initially  nourished them would leave them stunted and blind if it were all they continued to consume. They need to venture out and find a variety to sustain them.  True, they may make choices that aren't very nourishing, or even leave them feeling ill, but these experiences give them strength and wisdom. Typically the most adventurous pups become the strongest, and end up leading the pack. 

If we elect to be spiritually fed only on that which was provided to us in our infancy, I think it quite likely we will be stunted in our spiritual growth. On my journey I have been inspired by many individuals, and nurtured in many ways. Some experiences may have poisoned my soul for a time, but from them I have gained great lessons, and learned to identify this poison in others.

Over time I have created my own spiritual practices, and just this year have established routine worship of sorts. I've decided to share these experiences as they come through the year to provide food for others, as I have been nourished by so many. I'm sure you will find the value in them that is suited to you where you are in your journey, and perhaps we can learn and grow from each other in this experience.